It’s Mine – short story

I wrote a short story called “It’s Mine” for a Fanstory contest.  The contest was that I had to write a short story that started “The room was empty” – so that is what I wrote.  It is a short about a man who realizes he is the last living person on the planet.  You would think he would be scared or whatever but he isn’t – he is thrilled to death.

It is getting mixed reviews on Fanstory.  Everyone pretty much hates the character which is good because that is what I meant for people to feel.  He is self-centered, egotistical and all that.  I hated him. LOL

When the contest is over, I will post the story here.  🙂


One thought on “It’s Mine – short story

  1. But I want it NOW! Lol. I can’t read it since I’m not a member of Fanstory. But you better post it or send it to me. I want to read it!

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