It’s Monday, what are you reading?

Here it is Monday already and I am back to work.  Have to say, it was a lovely week off and would really have liked to extend it another week but, alas, that wasn’t possible.

So what am I reading today? I am actually getting ready to start the following books:


Goodreads describes the books as follows:

Clickers 2: he first wave was only the beginning. Since it’s publication in 1999, Clickers by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams has become a genuine cult-classic, garnering a legion of fans and single-handedly revitalizing the “munch-out” sub-genre. Like Jaws did a decade before, Clickers gave readers another reason not to go in the water. But now, it’s not even safe on land. Delirium Books is proud to present Clickers II: The Next Wave. J.F. Gonzalez has teamed with best-selling novelist Brian Keene for a second assault-this time on a national scale. The Clickers are back, wreaking havoc on a United States already demoralized and defenseless thanks to a category five hurricane and a president who rules through religious zealotry. Now, as the death toll climbs into the thousands, two survivors from the original invasion find themselves teamed up with a marine biologist and a mob hitman, and on the run from the Clickers, the Dark Ones, and their own government. And as their enemies close in on all sides, only one thing is certain-if they fail, humanity loses. Clickers II: The Next Wave.This time, the crabs eat you…

Various Haunts of Men: a lonely woman of fifty-three vanishes in fog; a fat twenty-two-year-old never returns from an early morning walk . . .
Experienced policemen know that most missing persons either turn up or go missing on purpose. But fresh young D.S. Freya Graffham won’t drop it — until she discovers what links the people who disappear on “The Hill,” young and old, men and women, even a little dog. Susan Hill writes with compassion, humour and a unique understanding of the details of daily life

I don’t know which one I will start tonight but think Clickers 2 will go relatively fast as the first book flew by.  I hope the second one isn’t a disappointment but they made a Clickers 3 so can’t be too bad, right?

When I am done with these two books – by the end of the week, I expect, I will probably go on to Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf.  🙂


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