Teaser Tuesday

I’m using the kitten teaser Tuesday picture in honor of my cat Isabel who passed away this past Saturday.  😦

Today’s teasers come from:

Pg 73: These days, most of us are so rarely in danger from anything in nature that we’ve become complacent.  We assume we’re safe everywhere.  Australians are the exception because they’re brought up to know that t heir lovely nation is home to innumerable dangerous living things.  The rest of us have been conditioned to Bambi-ize the animal kingdom, we tend to regard every animal as warm, cuddly, and friendly, or, sometimes, simply afraid of us.  So little are we exposed to wild animals that we have  no real knowledge how to behave around them.

pg 106: We humans live on the edge of the world’s largest primal wilderness, the ocean.  We venture onto and into it for recreation, relaxation and exercise, without appreciating the fact that the ocean is the hunting ground for most of the living things on planet Earth.  No matter how peaceful the sea may seem on a warm, sunny day, it is in fact always – always! – a brutal world governed by two basic rules: kill or be killed, and eat or be eaten.

The book is quite excellent if you love nature, the ocean and all creatures great and small on planet Earth.  🙂


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