My apologies

My apologies for being lax in my posts lately.  Issues at both work and personally have made it difficult for me lately to find time and/or energy to read and write updates.  I am working on things so hopefully starting tomorrow I’ll be back to my routine of writing and reading.

Spring has sprung which thrills me to no end!  Drab, brown landscapes are turning a lush green once more making me want to be outdoors as much as possible – I love it!  However, this hasn’t been conducive to getting the required amount of hours for work – required being enough to keep me in an upbeat mood.  I know I’m cranky when I don’t get enough sleep – little things bother me more. 

I’ve also been working at getting back into shape through exercise and eating better.  I’ve had to cut out several things that were too many calories – won’t eat anything that is over 300 calories per serving.  I also make sure I walk briskly at least once and usually twice per day to burn extra calories.  It has been a long haul – I’ve had to virtually give up my favorite coffees and most sweets.  I’ve never been a big “sweets” person but to be told I can’t have them makes me want to rebel and eat them all the more.  LOL.

Have been spring cleaning beyond any level of spring cleaning I have done before.  It has been time consuming and exhausting but I am so pleased with each phase I’m doing that I will probably stay here another year if the landlord allows.  It will require him letting me change the carpet & tile but I don’t think he’ll have a problem as he’d have to change them when I left anyway.

Anyway, with spring has come a reawakening of my spirit – I expect better things to come the more I shake myself back to life.  🙂  Thanks for being patient and hanging out in cyberland with me.


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