Finally Friday

Well, here it is, Finally Friday, for those of you who get the weekend off.  It is my Monday – sigh.  The above picture is of my son’s dog Rocko.  I adore him! Someday when I own a place of my own, I will get myself a boxer.

So the weather isn’t exactly cooperating with me today – it is cloudy and cooler than it has been the past couple weeks.  I was hoping for it to be in the low 70’s and sunny but maybe next week on my days off.

The dogs are wanting me to take them for a walk so I guess I will do that here in a few minutes – maybe a mile today.  I am supposed to be cleaning and doing other things, not playing on the computer.  😦

As most of you can guess, I didn’t get the two books read that I said I was going to over a week ago.  I’ve been rather stressed out so haven’t spent much time reading.  I do plan on reading tonight at work if we are dead but I have a feeling we will be very busy.  We have been busier than usual since Tuesday night so tonight will probably continue the trend.  I love being busy so it is no big deal – I will probably get time to read after 4 am.

So the two books are:


Happy Friday Folks!

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