Clickers Two review

I feel like I should apologize before I start the review.  Why? Because I wanted to give this book a good review, wanted to say it was a lot of fun and that the monsters were fantastic.  Really, I wanted to.

Let’s start with the good things: the…um…the news articles were interesting in that they told the story of what the clickers and Dark Ones had been up to since the first book ended.  Ships going missing, people disappearing while swimming in the ocean, scuba divers never resurfacing – all due to the elusive clickers.  I liked the initial chaos when the clickers came on shore and how the humans banded together against them.  Many people did smart things that saved their lives, others weren’t as lucky.  That part was fast paced and I was in the 300’s before I knew it.

Bad: There was nothing new in the story – it was like the first one only more people died in more cities.  The attack might have been on a much larger scale but it was still the same story being told – clickers came on shore, killed people, went back into the water.  There was a long build up through several characters about the “Dark Ones” coming on shore and  how they were far worse than the clickers – but they had very little impact when they did finally make an appearance.  That was disappointing.

In the original story, the Dark Ones were creatures that came on shore and acted, yes, like creatures.  Not so with this book.  Suddenly the Dark Ones are highly intelligent, highly motivated, and with a complete set of human emotions.  Really? Why? Why did they have to go that route? When you make the Dark Ones human-like, the story is no longer about creatures being driven on shore due to a hurricane but that of an invading army and the U.S.’s response.  The Dark Ones could just as easily been any other country coming in to try to take America over.  I don’t like war stories – I don’t find conspiracy theories in the government interesting, I don’t like battle scenes.

Through the whole book I felt like someone was telling me a story – there was no sense of being in the story or attachment to characters.  The only one I even half cared about was the retired colonel who takes the lead in fighting the clickers.  Still, part of the story is that he goes into the battle zone area to find a biologist who can verify what the clickers were – why? Why did she need to verify what he had been saying all along? Why was her saying “yes, they are clickers” so important that it took several chapters and soldier’s lives to get to her.  Also there is a man-on-man attempted rape scene that had no place in the story – what was it’s purpose? Nothing was gained by it in the least.  It does not affect the character in the least nor is it pretty much mentioned again once he gets away.

The story seemed thrown together – like two authors wrote their versions and then tried to mesh them together to make the book.  I’m afraid it gets a C- from me.  I have Clickers 3 but it will go to the very bottom of my “to read” list.


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