Thriller Thursday

Is it really Thriller Thursday time again? Wow, just amazing! So what thriller are you reading? What has caught your interest this week?

I am currently reading on two books – with so many to choose from, it is hard to pick out what I’m going to read when but here are the two that are next in line:


Haven’t gotten far in either yet but should have them both done by the middle of next week – that is the goal anyway.  🙂

Am I the only one who finds several of the books that go to 400 pages and beyond are a bit too wordy and lengthy – not all, of course, because The Shining and several others need to be longer.  However, some books seem to drag because the author seems to think s/he has to go past 300 pages.  I don’t imagine a publisher has this as a requirement so why do some of them do it?

Anyway, happy Thriller Thursday everyone!

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