Don’t be afraid of the dark – review

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Poster     Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Poster

When I saw the previews for the 2010 version of this movie, I knew I should know the story for I was sure I had seen something similar before.  The 1973 version (left) is the one I was thinking of – the one that I remember scaring me when I was 10 years old.

Unlike the 1973 version, the 2010 version is about a family who moves into the house and the creatures going after the child – rather than the original where a couple moves into the house and the creatures go after the wife.

I don’t like it when remakes change the storyline so drastically.  The 1973 version made sense – the creatures wanted a mother so if they pulled the woman into the vent, she would become one of them.  It was hard not to sympathize with creatures who just wanted a mother.

In the updated version – the creatures want children’s teeth to eat.  Why? Who knows? I suppose it is a delicacy for them that they only get once in a blue moon because it is dependent on a child being a resident of the house plus someone opening the vent where they live.  They also, apparently, grab adults who stick their heads in the opening.

What are these creatures? Why are they in the basement? What do they do with the bodies? How do they survive without children’s teeth to eat? These are all questions that go unanswered.  I have another major question but can’t ask it without giving away the story so guess it will have to be left as a great unknown.  Well, I can hint at it I guess.  Why do some people who get pulled into the vent become creatures while others don’t? I mean, consistency here would be nice, you know?

I did like the second version – Katie Holmes is quite good as the stepmother to the little girl.  Also, we get to see the little girl go from being a resentful, unhappy child to one who feels loved and secure – you might not like her at the beginning but by the middle/end, she is a sweetheart.

So yes, I have to rate the movie so I give it a solid B.    I’d like to see Katie do a few more serious roles – maybe she will once she dumps that loser of a husband she has.  😦


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