Finally Friday

Well, here we are back to Friday.  It is going to be a very busy weekend for me – have to be to work at 9 pm, then run home to walk the dogs and leave again to go to Missouri –  won’t get home again till 6 pm tomorrow night.  The poor dogs are going to have to stay out of the kennel which means coming home to messes but it can’t be helped.  If I was driving myself I would take them with me – I could always tie them out in my sister’s yard – but I’m not so they will have to stay home.  It won’t be too bad – I’ve had to do this with them before, it isn’t ideal but we’ll cope.

I have been reading on the following book:

I’m afraid it is failing to hold my interest as much as the first one.  Andrew’s constant ignoring his gut instincts on what he should do and ending up in terrible circumstances is getting a little old.  When does he make the right decisions? After all he went through in the previous book, how could he still make the same dumb decisions without regard for his wife and child?

Could be the mood I’m in but I think I will lay the book aside for now and start something else.  Don’t get me wrong – the book is still on my list but obviously it isn’t hitting the right chord now.  I just re-read Wolf Hunt though so maybe that is why this one seems offbeat.  🙂

Not sure what I will start next – have several choices.  🙂


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