Waiting on Wednesday

It is Wednesday again and with that comes the books that we are waiting to either purchase or to come out.   There are a few I am looking forward to getting next week:


I know those are mostly non-fiction or self-help books but I’ve been looking at them so think I’ll buy them next week.  Ripper, of course, doesn’t come out until early July.

I bought, at the behest of a friend, The Artists Way and am doing week 1 of the 12 week training.

Though I still plan on buying tons of fiction, I also want to buy more visually stimulating books on animals, landscapes, art, photography, etc.  I bought the Audubon’s book on birds a couple months ago but would also like to get a big book on birds too.  The wolves one I looked at yesterday and loved the pictures in it so will get it too.

Other books I hope to buy soon are:


So what are you waiting on? I have many others but they are more non-fiction so will skip them.  I want Emilie Richards book coming out the end of July but there is no cover for it yet so I can’t post it.  Maybe they will get one available in the next month or so.


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