It’s Sunday, what’s in your mailbox?

There wasn’t much in my mailbox this week I’m afraid.  I am about bought out on books unless I find new subjects to buy them on.  I do have a couple I plan on buying this week so maybe I’ll have more to report next Sunday.  🙂

In my mailbox were:


I have to say, if WordPress keeps dropping my posts than I’m going to a different blogging company.  It gets very old having to redo a post all the time because I hit publish and it cuts it off.  Very irritating to me.

As I previously wrote, but you didn’t see, was that the Artist’s way is a 12 week program for those who want to connect to their deeper artist self.  I am on week one so still skeptical.  It also works, supposedly, for those suffering writer’s block.  It has writing assignments so at least it keeps you writing everyday.

The second is a book I saw on my way to the checkout desk.  I love elephants! They are such gentle giants.  I have decided to start working on my reference collection of both animal and nature books – it is pretty pitiful now – so you will see more of them as the weeks past.  This book has some awesome pictures!

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