Finally Friday!

Well, it is finally Friday for all of you who get regular weekends off.  Sadly, it is my Monday.  I can’t really complain though – it is beautiful weather out and life is good.

I am four books ahead on my goal for 100 books read this year so I’m not to worried that I don’t have a book picked out yet for the weekend.  I have so many to choose from that it is overwhelming.  Wait till Sunday and you see what more I’ve acquired!! Will I ever get them all read? Not at the rate I keep adding more.

Should some horrific development befall me where I’m lost on a deserted island (with electricity) and just have my Nook for entertainment (no internet), I could probably last the rest of the year for reading material.  There are a few hundred on my Nook that I haven’t read yet.  Most of them were given to me by a friend so it isn’t like I’ve spent thousands of dollars on books.  Still, I could be stuck somewhere that I couldn’t buy more and as long as my Nook stayed charged, I’d be alright.

The past two days I’ve had the intense desire to go on a photography vacation.  I’m not sure where I’m thinking – originally it was Alaska but that soon morphed into Africa. Part of me says the ocean, another part opts for the mountains while yet another says let’s go to Arizona.  Yesterday I tried to appease this photography urge by going into town to photograph trains.  However, I couldn’t find any trains to photograph so that was rather a bummer.

Anyway, it is 80 degrees out so I need to get out there and enjoy it.  Happy Friday everyone!


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