Stitches in Time review

Goodreads describes it:

When an antique bridal quilt appears under mysterious circumstances at the vintage clothing shop where Rachel Grant works, she is fascinated. She has never been able to resist handmade textiles from the past, for she believes that through the ages, women wove protective magic into their fabrics in order to mark the important events of their lives: birth, marriage, and death.

But there is more than good in the quilt’s magic power. Day by day Rachel sees and feels the power growing, as she senses the quilt influencing her thoughts and actions. Much as Rachel’s logical mind longs to deny the supernatural, the aura of evil coming from the quilt is terrifyingly real, and it seems to carry a sinister legacy into the lives of the people Rachel loves.

I bought this book expecting for it to go to the middle of my reading list to read during the summer “sometime”.  However, the description kept coming back to me until I could no longer resist reading it.  The whole premise of a quilt being handed down from generation to generation plus how it takes so many hours that a women feel they have sewn their soul into the quilt fascinated me.  My younger sister is making a quilt for her bed and each square required a lot of embroidering as well as sewing and quilting.  I wonder if she feels like a big part of herself is left in the threads that make up the quilt?

I have to say, this book did not disappoint me in the least as I remained fascinated through the entire 300 page! Michaels descriptions, her knowledge of quilts and vintage clothing, the time period of when the quilt was originally made, etc., left me unable to put it down.  The main character started out rather self-centered and bitchy but we see the epiphany that changes her into the woman at the end.

I absolutely loved Adam – where are men like him? I know, only in fictional books.  What a great character!! He made me laugh and contributed to my dislike of Rachel in the beginning.  She was so rude and condescending to him at first that I wanted to smack her.  LOL.

This book is well worth the time and the read.  I have to say the only small thing that disappointed me was the lack of involvement of the quilt itself.  Once the spell is cast, the quilt becomes virtually unimportant – it makes appearances here and there but I would have liked it to have more than one spell to cast.  However, this is a minor disappointment that wasn’t even noticed by me until towards the end because everything else kept me so interested.  I have read several of Michael’s books and this is usually the case – one minor thing might disappointment but overall the rest of the book makes up for it.

I give the book a raving A+ and can not wait to read more.


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