Wildwood Road review


Michael and Jillian Dansky seemed to have it all–a happy marriage, two successful careers, a bright future. But late one October evening, all that changed. Driving home from a Halloween masquerade, Michael momentarily nods off behind the wheel–and wakes to find nothing is the same.
Standing by his car is the little girl he came within a breath of running down. She leads Michael to her “home,” an empty house haunted by whispers, and sends him away with a haunting whisper of her own: “come find me.”  But in the weeks to follow, it’s clear that someone–or some thing–doesn’t want Michael to find her: ominous figures in grey coats with misshapen faces are following him everywhere. And then Jillian wakes one morning replaced by a cold, cruel, vindictive woman Michael hardly recognizes as his wife. Michael must now search not only for the lost girl, but for a way to find the Jillian he’s always loved, and to do so he must return to where the nightmare began. Down an isolated lane where he’ll find them, or die trying.

This is my first Christopher Golden book – I’m still conflicted on how many more I will read.  The story starts off with a bang – Michael meets up with the little lost girl, struggles with an unseen enemy and wakes up with a fuzzy memory of it all.  So far, so good.

Goldman interweaves the sweet love story of Michael and Jillian with vivid supernatural phenomenon that makes the story not only creepy but also haunting.  If the second half had been delivered with the same intensity, the book would have been pretty awesome.  After the silver ghostly figures begin to appear, the story seems to go a bit astray.  The whole idea of Molock and the virgins was interesting but I didn’t feel Golden blended it into the story enough for smooth reading.

Descriptions were well done, Goldman definitely has a knack for building suspense and his characters are pretty believable.  However, I have to say the story bogged down a little in the middle and I found the end a trifle anti-climatic.  That isn’t to say there isn’t worthwhile aspects of the book – I did enjoy reading it for the most part  – but felt it could have been so much better than it was.  He could have left  the whole Molock thing out – it might have been a better story – but I understand him thinking he needed to explain the silver people and the ghosts.

I did very much enjoy the beginning – I loved the first chapters when they are at the ball and Michael reveals his deep love for his wife as he watches her in the crowd.  The house was very creepy as were the ghost children.  I can’t say the book isn’t worth the read because it was decent.  I’m giving it a B-


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