House of Many Shadows review

Goodreads says:

Meg’s doctor told her the hallucinations were a result of the accident, that they would stop once she got some peace and quiet. So she took some time off at the old country house, but the visions didn’t stop. Instead, they got worse. And now Meg is terrified because Andy, the caretaker, sees them too.

Where to begin…

The story is a good idea – ghosts invade a house built on the site of a house where a murder occurred.  The couple there – Meg and Andy are both damaged humans who try to figure out the reasons for the haunting.  Each is likeable but their relationship is rocky – actually rather irritating – throughout most of the book.

While the characters are rather believable, they also lack a luster that is there with the other Barbara Michaels books.  I’m afraid the whole idea of dimension folding is something that I can’t really get into either – give me ghosts but not two dimensions briefly coming together for whatever reason.

Most of the towns characters I did not care for.  This book took me way too long to finish and a big part of it was disinterest.  I suppose it is time to take a break from her books because I found this one a bit boring and unremarkable.

The hallucinations/ghosts are all leading up to one ghostly finale that is pretty anti-climatic – pretty boring.  I give this book a C.


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