Just After Sunset

I can’t give you Goodreads take on this book or it would fill up the entire post.

While Stephen King was recovering from his very debilitating accident, he took on the role of reading several short stories for “Best American Short Stories”.  While doing this, he renewed his love for short stories and hasn’t quit writing them since.

Just After Sunset was interesting and several of the stories quite good.  Some of the longer ones seemed to kind of drag but I suppose that was more because I was expecting stories like Mile 81 which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Stephen King will always be a master of horrors able to make us all a little leery of walking outside in the middle of the night.  He makes us take notice of the full moon, the whisper of the wind through the trees, how dark the darkness is around us, and we can’t help but find ourselves straining to hear any creepy sound that isn’t natural to the area.  Sometimes we even rush back from the walk, super anxious to return to the light of our homes.  Of course, he gets you there too because how can you be certain the evil didn’t get inside before you? What is in that closet over there? Was the bathroom shower curtain pulled shut when you went out?  What is that tapping sound?

Yes, he knows how to thrill us to death and while some of his newer stories fail to scare as much as previous ones – I have to ask myself is that because he has changed or that I’m so used to his way of writing that I’m no longer surprised?  Good book of short stories – great for taking along when you only have time to read one story at a time.  Give the book an A.

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