Story books

I’ve been thinking about making bulletin boards with different pictures and research for the different stories I’m writing.  Has anyone done those before? I am a very visual person so think I’d be more inspired and find it easier to write with pictures.  I love Scrivener because it allows me to make story books that I would normally make in notebook fashion (characters, scenes, research, etc) but I’m finding it doesn’t help in the visual department because I can’t see everything up on the wall.

I would make a bulletin board for each story – putting whichever board corresponded with the story I was writing up in front of my desk.  Is that nuts? In movies the detectives always have a bulletin board or write-erase board of the facts & victims in a case.  I will, of course, keep the photos in Scrivener along with research because that is my ultimate notebook but I do think a visual board would help.

Thoughts anyone??


3 thoughts on “Story books

  1. I do this all the time in Scrivener like you’ve said. You know you can set it so that you can see everything at once? Or download OneNote and then you can add everything in ONE board and it’s kind of like a bulletin board?

  2. I’ll have to play around with Scrivener more to see how to do that but I also like having the writing part full screen when I write. I love Scrivener though – thank you so much for telling me about it! You’re awesome Jadie!

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