Denning Swamp review



Strange sounds emanating from the swamp startled Jack during the night. Alone in the house, he wondered what was outside. Would he determine what was tormenting him before it was too late?
Wow, this story took me so long to read – a whole ten minutes or so.  🙂  I thought it would be longer than 25 pages but guess not.
The story is OK as short stories go but it pretty much didn’t explain why the house was haunted, who haunted it, why they came in from the swamp, why they wanted the new owner dead, why he didn’t take the problem more seriously from the get-go, whether there even was a ghost and the ending doesn’t even try to tie loose ends. 
The story barely starts to get interesting and it is over.  I was thinking about reading other books by Gaffield but now I’m not so sure – guess I’ll have to do some reading of other reviews before I purchase something.
I give the story a C-.

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