Teaser Tuesday

It is Teaser Tuesday again and while I haven’t done one in a while I figured I’d throw one in this week:

Pg 53:  She’s coming closer.  My eyes are drifting shut, but I can hear her movements whisper through the air.  I can hear each fat drop of blood strike the floor.

pg 70: “You’ve come here to kill me.” She walks around me in a wide circle.  I let her get just past my shoulders before I turn too.  There’s no way I’m letting her behind my back.  She might be all sweet and innocent now, but I know the creature that would come bursting out if given the chance.

Today’s quotes are from the book I am currently reading – and loving –


One thought on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. YAYYY! I have this book…it’s the one I’ve been looking forward to reading…when I actually get some damn time! Glad you’re loving it!

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