Teaser Tuesday

pg 99: It was as if the card were staring up at Kendall.  As if it were mocking her.  She could have she heard diabolical laughter, as if Death were being given a gift and she was privy to the knowledge of it, but there was nothing she  to stop it.  She was cold, icy cold, as if the skeleton’s fingers were clutching her very bones.

Pg 140: Each of the women who had come to the area never to be seen again had been between the ages of twenty and thirty.  Each had been starting out on a long vacation.  They were all single.  And in every case, the disappearance hadn’t been reported until they’d been gone for several weeks, because they didn’t live with anyone who would be concerned immediately.  In two of the cases, they hadn’t been reported missing until they had been gone several months.

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