Too hot??

Can it be too hot to read? Normally I would say “what a silly notion” but not today.  My apartment is 90 degrees – that is with the a/c, four fans and two ceiling fans all going on high.  My arms stick to my chair as if suction-cupped on.  My brain is starting to feel as fried as that egg and I can not concentrate enough to read.  Course, it is hard to want to read anyway when you are sweating buckets just sitting still.

I sure hate this heat wave – we are in the 10th most severe drought in recorded history.  Grass has turned to straw – given a few more days of this heat and it will blow away…if, that is, we ever had a breeze.  Today I would gladly exchange this heat for the coldest winter day we had last winter.  Even the dogs are too hot to move.

So yes, I would have to say it can be too hot to read…




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