Thriller Thursday

I know I said I was going to read “Ripper” by David Golemon next but I’m afraid I couldn’t get away from the Graveyard series that easily.  The novella wet my appetite for more and so I have put off the Ripper until I get book one done:

I hope the book is good.  It will determine if I buy the rest of the series or not.  I would have probably done so after the novella but got to thinking that novellas only give a small look into the writing skills of the writer.  Thus I bought book one and will let it either excited or disappoint me into buying or not buying more of Amanda Stevens.

Goodreads describes it:

Amelia Gray has always been aware of ghosts, and now she travels all over the South cleaning up forgotten or abandoned graveyards. When an enigmatic yet haunted police detective asks for her help to trap a serial killer, their growing attraction constitutes the very gravest of threats.



2 thoughts on “Thriller Thursday

  1. I think so too – that is why I visit your blog to get reading ideas when I want something different. 🙂

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