Isn’t it amazing how much we rely on technology these days? You don’t realize how much until you don’t have it anymore.  For example, the wonderful severe thunderstorm we had earlier was excellent but lightning struck nearby taking out my blu-ray player and internet.

I will have to go buy a new blu-ray and hopefully they will have the internet fixed soon.  My TV doesn’t do anything with either – it is a 32-inch flat screen decoration when nothing its hooked up to works.

I like the TV on for noise but no noise will come out of it when there is nothing hooked up that works either.  I had to resort to playing music on my laptop – which also doesn’t do anything I wanted to do when it won’t connect to the internet.  I wanted to check the radar – is the severe weather totally out of our area? Is it going to rain more? What does the news have to say about the storm – how many places were hit? how many trees came down? WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD???

Without my technology, I am lost. I could take the internet being down if my blu-ray worked so I could watch a movie.  I could take the blu-ray player not working if I had internet.  Instead I’m reduced to texting people on my cell phone – what fun is that?

My younger sister doesn’t have internet – they live far enough out in the country that they would have to get dial-up or satellite. She would like to have it but her husband doesn’t think it is necessary…which, granted, it isn’t vital but I couldn’t go without it.

For my 50th birthday I want to go to the Honey Creek Resort but you better believe I emailed them to find out if they have wifi in the rooms because no where is it listed on their website.  I’m not going on vacation anywhere that I don’t have internet.

Funny how when I was younger and all this technology wasn’t yet available, my idea of a secluded getaway was being cut off from the rest of the world.  Now that I’m used to internet and having the “rest of the world” at my fingertips – I would not go to a secluded cabin if it did not have it.  Now I talk about “getting away” but it always includes cell phone service, internet service, and my laptop.

When I realized my blu-ray player didn’t work, I was going to jump in the car to go buy a new one. Then I realized I was in my nightgown so probably should wait till I’m more presentable.  The bummer is I can’t get the blu-ray player to open and there is a movie in it that I want back. Guess I’ll have to break out the crowbar.

Being technology-minded, I thought “well, at least I have my Nook” but, of course, it doesn’t connect to the internet either when the internet is down.  I can read on it but that is it.  I suddenly NEED the internet very badly.  It is one of those things that I might not use every minute but is there when I want to use it – so it not being available is making me feel claustrophobic.  I’m no longer connected to the world…that is scary.

LOL, I just hit the internet explorer thinking “I’ll just check Best Buy to see if they have blu-ray players on sale”…sigh. Ugh – can’t even do research for the story I’m writing.  I’m so isolated. I’m so spoiled by technology…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did some trouble shooting and found it is the wireless router that is fried, not the internet itself so guess I will be spending some money tomorrow at Walmart – one bluray player and router coming up.


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