Devil’s Footsteps review

Goodreads says:

Bryan was 10 when his brother, Adam, just . . . disappeared. That was five years ago, and now Bryan is the only one who seems to remember what happened.

Until he meets two others with their own unsolved mysteries. It seems that Adam isn’t the first to disappear. Someone or something is after the kids in their neighborhood.

The adults can’t hear it, and they can’t see it or feel it—but the kids can. And it all comes back to the skipping rhyme that every child in town knows by heart . . . and the Dark Man who haunts everyone’s worst nightmares—while they’re awake.

This is a YA book that sounded intriguing.  I really liked “Anna Dressed in Blood” so figured I’d read another YA book instead of moving on to something deeper.  This story is about Bryan who feels so guilty over what happened to his brother, Adam, that he can’t move on with his life.  His parents are lost in their own misery so are no longer interested in life or the son that lived through the terror that day.

Bryan meets up with a couple of other boys who have also seen the Dark Man and together they try to figure out who this Dark Man is and why he keeps stealing children.

The book doesn’t exactly grab you at the beginning but it does make you want to keep reading to find out how Adam’s disappearance and the nursery rhyme the kids know are connected.  Richardson does a great job at character development and suspense.  Her descriptions are simple yet enough to help one picture the scenes as they unfold.  The nursery rhyme, Devil’s Footsteps, is creepy to me, I imagine it would be terrifying to a child if there was a chance that it was real.

My only complaint about the book is the ending wasn’t as good as it could have been.  It seemed rather rushed but it doesn’t take too much away from the enjoyment of the story.  I would recommend this to everyone who likes YA supernatural fiction.  The book gets an A from me.  🙂


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