Ripper review

Goodreads says:

In the tradition of works by James Rollins, Preston and Child and Matthew Reilly, Ripper is the latest in an action-packed series about the nation’s most secret agency—The Event Group. In 1887, the British Empire contracted brilliant American professor Lawrence Ambrose to create a mutant gene to turn an ordinary person into an aggressive fighting machine. But all too quickly, Ambrose was found to be behind a streak of vicious murders, and  in a cover-up of massive proportions, Queen Victoria ordered the project, and Ambrose, terminated. Thus the legend of Jack the Ripper was born.

The killings stopped as suddenly as they had begun—but not because Ambrose was caught. Instead, he escaped and returned home to America where he and his formula faded into history. But in 2012, a raid against a Mexican drug lord uncovers a small cache of antiquated notebooks containing long-buried instructions to create blind killers out of normal men. Enter the Event Group and Col. Jack Collins, who are desperate to stop one of their most feared enemies. When the formula is loosed in the underground halls and vaults of the Event Group complex itself, brother will battle brother, and for the first time in many men’s brave lives they will understand the true meaning of fear.

The next heart-stopping chapter in the New York Times bestselling Event Group series, Ripper takes readers to new levels of suspense, where death could be hiding around any corner on this non-stop thrill ride.

I am over halfway through this book and can’t finish it.  I’m sorry but it is a huge disappointment to me.  The entire Jack the Ripper scenario ends in the very beginning and then after that is all about government conspiracies, kidnappings, and the big race to be the first to get the formula.  I wanted a book about Jack the Ripper…the description makes it sound like this would be the central theme – not governments fighting each other to gain a formula that can make ordinary men into monsters.  Who gives a shit?

Government conspiracies will never be on my list of books to read and if I had realized this was going to be mostly about that and secret government agencies, I would never have purchased it.  Maybe part of it is starting the Event Group series at the end instead of the beginning but they really aren’t that interesting to me.  I wanted archeology, scary monster stuff, and Jack the Ripper.  I will not be reading another of this series and will only read Golemon again if it is a stand alone book.  Supernaturals was so awesome – I loved that book and have read it several times – how can they be from the same author? If Golemon did Supernaturals as a side gig, I would say he should abandon the Event Group and write more ghost stories.  I am so very disappointed in this book.

His descriptions are well thought out and delivered with umphf – the first few chapters were really quite good and if he had continued in that vein, I would be ranting about what a wonderful book it was.  As it is, I give the book a C.


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