Teaser Tuesday

Its Teaser Tuesday so let’s jump right in.  I have to say, I do like this book I’m reading but it is taking away precious writing time.  I am still on track with NaNo but no longer have a comfortable lead.  😦

Today’s teasers come from:


Pg 29: The glow from the window was brighter now, a lovely luminous light; the moon must be almost full.  I looked at the window. And saw something look back at me from outside. I didn’t have to remember the window  was forty feet above the ground, on a flat wall; I didn’t have to tell myself nothing human could have reached it.  I retreated, with speed.  It’s a wonder I didn’t break my neck. I went down the stairs like a rocket and I didn’t stop until I had passed through the door at the bottom and slammed it shut behind me.

pg 57: I could have used a sleeping pill myself that night.  When you’re young there is nothing, but nothing, worse than humiliation.  Torture, tragedy, terror – they my be more painful than embarrassment but at least they have a certain dignity.  There is nothing romantic or tragic, or sophisticated, about being caught on the living room couch with your sister’s husband – especially when you are caught by a man whom you are beginning to find somewhat attractive.



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