The Crying Child review


From the moment she arrived on King’s Island, Joanne McMullen knew that her sister’s grief over losing her child had driven her dangerously close to madness. But when Joanne heard the same child’s voice that her sister had heard wailing in the woods, she knew something terrible was happening!

Another entertaining mystery/supernatural story from Ms Peters/Michaels. The cover is deceiving – the house isn’t that close to the cliffs but whatever.  It is a great tale of what lengths a person would do for a child – any child.

Michaels weaves through the mystery with ease that keeps the reader guessing about what is really happening.  She always does such a wonderful job with cemeteries – makes me wonder if she spends an exorbitant amount of time hanging out with the dead.  I enjoy cemeteries too – old stones often sum up the person buried there with blunt truths that we would never think of putting on a headstone these days – here is an example:

"Murdered by human wolves"

Anyway, Michaels does a great job with the eerieness of the family plot and the intrigue into why the grave for “Miss Smith” is located outside the fence.  Who is the crying child?

With a few surprises, Michaels sends the reader on many leads that end up in being false – then delivers the falseness with relish before taking us on another wild ride.  Her writing is simple, romance is implied but never gaudy, and she adds just enough supernatural to make for an interesting piece of fiction.

My one complaint…I have had it before with her work…is the ending happens too quickly and is a little less than climatic.  She uses an old bible quote “and the truth shall set you free” which I think is a bit out of context but I guess the bible has many interpretations.  Her ending came too fast – it was too pat.  I still enjoyed the book quite a bit – her writing style is so easy going that it pulls you in.

All in all, I give the book a B+ only because of the above.  She could have done so much more since she had such great build up all through the story.  🙂


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