It’s Sunday, what’s in your mailbox?

Well, it is Sunday again and time to reveal whether you’ve been good or bad this week.  I’ve been very good in that I have acquired only one book even though my wish list has over 20 books on it.  I was very tempted to buy more today when my son and I went to B&N for coffee but I resisted.

This past week Cheryl Strayed had a book signing at Prairie Lights.  I would have liked to of gone but was too tired.  I enjoyed her book but it isn’t on my “must have” list.

Smallfry, one of my kittens, is back up on my lap trying to lay across my hands so I can’t type.  She seems to think she deserves all my attention whenever she wants it.  It is hard to type with her there but no matter how many times I put her down, she jumps back up again.

So anyway, the book I bought since the last time I wrote a Sunday blog is:

The Keeper


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