Football ~ Rawr!!!

Today is the first Hawkeye game – we are playing against Iowa State for the state championship title.  It is a big deal and I imagine people are already lining up to get into the stadium though the game doesn’t start for another 3 hours.  There is excitement in the air as tens of thousands people flock to Kinnick.  I am staying far away from downtown and the stadium today.

I love football – I can watch teams I know nothing about play just to watch football.  I usually cheer on whichever team has visually pleasing uniforms.  Of course today I am rooting for the Hawkeyes as I always do whenever they play.

The thing I love about football is it is so methodical.  Each team has to fight their way down to their goal post – they have to go exactly 10 yards to get a first down, not 9.5 or 9.75…10.  The defending team employs every move they can, within the set guidelines, to stop the gladiators from gaining ground.  Once and a while a gladiator breaks free & runs the ball in for a touchdown – the crowd goes wild, the defensive team comes off the field with their shoulders slumped in acknowledgement of their defeat.  But wait! The shoe is now on the other foot and the defensive team is replaced by gladiators who will march in the opposite direction.  Each down is like a mini-battle that culminates in an overall victory.  You can’t go in and play one down and declare a winner – the teams has to battle until the time is up – then whoever has the most victories wins the prize. 

I love to scream at the tv as my team tries to move the ball only to be stopped cold at the line of scrimmage (the battle line).  I scream when we break free and are trying to outrun the entire defensive team to get to the uprights.  I love it – love the rush, love the feelings of victory, I even love the sweet sorrow of defeat.  Football is where it is at and today is perfect football weather.



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