Finally Friday


So here it is, Friday again for all you people who work M-F jobs.  How exciting for you! Anyone have big plans?

For me, tonight means we will be slamming busy at work and loving every moment of it.  Tomorrow is our next home football game so the partying will start tonight and end Sunday morning.  We are not “fun” killers – we want everyone to enjoy themselves because home games bring in a lot of revenue not only to the University but also to Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty as thousands descend on the area scooping up every available hotel room and spending their hard-earned money eating out, etc.

We only arrest people who are making a public nuisance of themselves or who are a danger to themselves or others.  If you are so drunk you can’t cross a street, you may find yourself arrested.  If you are so drunk that you start a fight downtown, you will most assuredly be arrested.  On the flip side of that, if you are so drunk you pass out somewhere, we will make sure you don’t choke on your own vomit and have you taken to the hospital so you can sober up with doctor’s nearby.  If you are female and live within the boundaries set, we will even give you a free ride home via Nite Ride.

Seriously people, we are not here to get up in your business.  Follow the rules and you will have a lot of fun and probably not even see us.  If you have a question, flag down an officer – just don’t do it while holding an open container of alcohol.  🙂

So folks – have a wonderful and safe weekend! GO HAWKS!!!


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