Movie reviews

I don’t often do movie reviews – my preference is reading but two movies came out on bluray that I almost went to in the theater so I got them thru Netflix.    The first one I watched was “7 Below” which is about these people who are in a car accident and end up at this man’s cabin.  The man was played by Ving Rhames – he did a great job being creepy.

My problem is that the movie was predictable and rather boring.  I am so glad I didn’t go see it in the theater because I would have been angry about the money I spent.  The kids arrive at the cabin where they start seeing the ghosts of the family who was murdered there a century before.

The second movie I’m watching now is “Gone” and so far it isn’t that good either.  It hasn’t been on but a few minutes – I’m already wondering if the girl isn’t a bit loony.  Maybe she really wasn’t kidnapped – maybe her sister died back when her parents died or maybe she never had a sister.  Who knows.  So far it hasn’t been the least bit interesting.   I’m tempted to fast forward it on to the end so I can see what is up with it.  It really is rather boring.  Seriously, it isn’t the least bit plausible…but whatever.

Finished it – I’m afraid it was as disappointing as the first one.  Why can’t we get some good scary movies?

Rather disappointed in my movie choices but oh well – how was I to know?


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