Iowa vs Penn State

So tomorrow is the night game where the Iowa Hawkeyes battle Penn State.  Already the city is filling up as people find their hotel rooms and get settled.  Restaurants are full as fans share dinner and anticipate tomorrow’s game.  I hope it is a cordial meeting with no taunts that aren’t rated “G” for television.  Iowa fans, though loved in many states, can be a bit frisky…ok, downright offensive at times.

I hope it is a good game – not that I will watch it as I have been without network television for over 3 years now.  Some days I miss it and others I’m so thankful I don’t have it for I’m sure I’d spend hours in front of it if I did.  I am a happier person when all that outside negativity is kept to a minimum. 

Oh – on another note.  I felt something fall on the bridge of my nose just above my glasses.  I plucked it off thinking it was a stray hair – nope, a spider.  Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE those things?  I must have gotten it while out walking the dogs – they hang down out of the trees and I don’t see them fast enough.  Man, I wish I could have a spider free zone.



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