Finally Friday

finally friday cat3

I realize that it is officially Saturday but I haven’t been to bed yet so to me it is still Friday.  Bear is standing on my hands making it more than a little difficult to type. 

It has been a very busy day for me today and I haven’t gotten even half the stuff I expected to get done but oh well.  I wanted to share the book I am starting to read:


I have been burned out on reading after reading 100 books in 2011 and 80 books in 2013.  I’ve noticed when I don’t read, I tend to not write either.  So I am trying to get back into reading and figured Barbara Michaels was the place to start.  

I am changing my focus of books from ghosts to more positive things like human interest and animal stories.  Why? Because I have decided I have enough scary things in my every day life that I don’t need to add to it.  Plus, I think every genre eventually runs its course.  I’ve gotten rid of all my scary movies too – yep, every. single. one.

I know this book negates the previous paragraph but I find I don’t have too many human interest books at the moment so have to start with one I already have.  Barbara is usually pretty tame.

Goodreads says:

It was more than her dream house. For Ellen March, buying the secluded old house nestled in the pine woods marked the start of a new life. But strange visions began to cloud her mind–the shadowy figure of a woman, a ghostly white cat. Had Ellen buried the past? Or had a dark legend come back to haunt her?


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