Evidence Not Seen review

evidence not seen

Goodreads: This is the true story of a young American missionary woman courage and triumph of faith in the jungles of New Guinea and her four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp. Never to see her husband again, she was forced to sign a confession to a crime she did not commit and face the executioner’s sword, only to be miraculously spared.

Wow! People will look at this book and think “Oh, it is about God” and not read it.  What a shame.  This book is all about how one woman learned to survive in a hostile, horrid place that no person deserves to face.  It is about how cruel people can be to each other yet one person can stand up and make a difference.  How a person will do what they need to survive, include eating worms.

This book and what this woman endured to make it home to her family in America changed my heart and my life to some degree.  Absolutely amazing.  It made me cry more than once – both in sadness and in triumph when she is folded into her mother’s arms again, safely home.

It is a story about courage, steadfastness, hope, and love for people.  I give the book an A+ – even that rating seems trifle to me – there should be something higher.


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