Alien Resurrection

OK, this movie had the potential to be something good – to eclipse all the other Alien movies because special effects had come a long way since the first one was made.  It could have been so much more than the heaping pile of steaming elephant dung that it ended up being.

Yes, I know, the movie was made ions ago (1997) so who cares now? Well, my son loaned me the four Alien movies on blu-ray and I just finished this one.  Talk about disappointing.  Yes, I saw it in the theater back in the day and hated it – now I remember why.  I can’t really find anything good to say about it.  The best part was when the aliens escaped by killing one of their own, then grabbing the scientists.

However, the timeline really doesn’t match up well.  The eggs are implanted in the twelve people then, within a couple hours, they are hatched and full grown.  I suppose it isn’t horribly far off but it still kind of irritates me.  The movie took a serious nose dive from that point on – just amazing how something with such potential could fail so badly.  I think the writers were on smack.

Poster of Alien Resurrection


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