Fireproof review

fire proof

Goodreads: When a building bursts into flames on a cold winter night in D.C., investigators see a resemblance to a string of recent fires in the area. There is one difference, however: This one has a human casualty. The local team insists they’re looking for a young white male, suffering from an uncontrollable impulse to act out his anger or sexual aggression. But when special agent Maggie O’Dell is called in, everything she sees leads her to believe that this is the work of a calculating and controlled criminal.

Jeffery Cole, a reporter looking for his big break, is also at the scene of the crime and decides to make Maggie part of his news piece, digging up aspects of her past that she would rather forget. Maggie’s brother Patrick is also back in DC where he is working for a private firefighting company and is frequently called in as these fires continue to light up around the city. 

As the acts of arson become more brazen, Maggie’s professional and personal worlds begin to collide dangerously. The killer may be closer than she imagines.

 It took me three days to complete this book – not because it was boring but because I have been busy with work and family events.  I do enjoy Alex Kava and the Maggie O’Dell series though it has started getting a little bit the same in some ways.

The killer was easy to figure out despite the red herrings Kava included throughout.  I guess him the first time he was mentioned in the story because he seemed to have the greatest motive plus a high level of arrogance.  That fact did not take away from the story but it did make the story seem to drag in a few places where it shouldn’t have.

Maggie is her usual tragic self which I can say gets old but then again, if I were in her job I can’t imagine I would fair any better.  The ending is left up in the air a bit but I feel like I know how it would end if everything had been revealed.  I have the next book to start reading so will find out if I am right then.  I will take a break though because I do not want to approach the new story until the residue from this story has faded.

The book is decent and fast paced with a lot of action.  It also has personal interactions between the characters – Maggie and her half-brother, Patrick, plus her mother.  It was a good book and I do recommend it if you have been following the Maggie O’Dell series.  I give the book an A.


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