Dear & Glorious Physician Review

Dear and Glorious Physician

Goodreads: Today St. Luke is known as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament, but two thousand years ago he was Lucanus, a Greek, a man who loved, knew the emptiness of bereavement, and later traveled through the hills and wastes of Judea asking, “What manner of man was my Lord?” And it is of this Lucanus that Taylor Caldwell tells here in one of the most stirring stories ever lived or written.

I didn’t think I’d ever get to the end of the book but I did around 3:30 this morning.  I have to admit, I was ready for it to be over.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I didn’t like it – but over 1500 pages is a bit ridiculous.  I seriously would have cut out so much if it had been me but obviously a lot of people loved it so what do I know?

Caldwell did a wonderful job describing the era – what an amazing era it was too. I thought the story took too long to develop – the first 600 pages flew by but then it kind of lulled a bit.  One thing it did show me, that I had not thought about before, was how the old and new testament characters lived at the same time.  I know that sounds stupid but I always thought of the old testament as one time in history and the new a different time – not really connecting that Mary and Joseph had a life after Jesus.  Anyway, this book connected that with me.

The book is a wonderful mixture of fiction and history – of God and the rulers of that time.  If you can invest in reading such a long book, I highly recommend it.  I had hoped it would enlighten me in some spiritual way – give rise to my soul – which it did but not to the degree I had hoped.  I will admit it brought tears to my eyes a few times.  I give the book a A-.


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