Violet Eyes review

Violet Eyes

B&N describes this book as: Their bites are more than deadly…

The small town near the Everglades was supposed to offer Rachel and her son a fresh start. Instead it offered the start of a nightmare, when an unknown breed of flies migrated through the area, leaving painful bites in their wake. The media warned people to stay inside until the swarm passed. But the flies didn’t leave. And then the radios and TVs went silent.

That’s when the spiders came. Spiders that could spin a deadly web large enough to engulf an entire house overnight. Spiders that left stripped bones behind as they multiplied. Spiders that, like the flies, sought hungrily for tender flesh…through Violet Eyes.

I know what you are thinking – you are thinking, how is it a woman who absolutely hates spiders bought a book about spiders who eat people? Um…momentary lapse into insanity would be the correct answer.  Why did I ever think I could read this book?

My apartment always has a lot of spiders (a lot according to me).  I usually kill two to five spiders a day.  They seem to be everywhere and I absolutely hate them.  Hate the idea of them crawling on me, crawling near me, or having the audacity to be on my walls/ceilings/countertops, etc.  I loathe them more than any other insect – even fire ants though the line is very hard to see between the two.

I got through the first chapter of this book.  This is a spoiler alert for the first chapter.  When one of the female characters is overcome by spiders – and the author talks about them crawling down her throat and up her vagina with their hairy legs…I closed the book and will never read another page of it.  I’m sorry, but as I get older, I find gore to be too disgusting.  He could have written that the spiders swarmed on her and I could have imagined the rest – to go into such graphic, gory detail was totally unnecessary.

So after reading one chapter of this 700+ page book, I give it a D- for gore and disgusting descriptions.  I can’t begin to recommend it and have to say I am rather disappointed.  The last book I read by this author had smidgens of gore so I assumed this one would be the same – it is not.


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