The Holy Spirit

the holy spirit

Finished this book this morning at work.  It was my first Billy Graham book – I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to reading him.  Non-fiction books are always harder for me to get through than fiction – they take longer and I feel like I should come away from each chapter having learned something I didn’t know, otherwise, why am I reading it?

This book was on the subject of the Holy Spirit and where he fits in the Trinity as well as our lives.  Some of it was way over my head which made it harder to get through while other areas were very basic so stuff I already knew.  However, I came away from reading it with a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit, God and the Trinity.

Graham’s examples are refreshing and applicable to our individual lives today.  He also goes over the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit.  I felt it was eye opening and have shared some of what I’ve learned already so that means it is a successful non-fiction book.

If you have a desire in your soul to know more about the Holy Spirit, this is an excellent book.  I give the book an A.


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