Just Past Midnight review

just past midnight

Finally finished this book tonight.  I’m afraid it took a long time to get through it not because of the writing but because I thought it was a little too unbelievable.  I would get started in it and the put it aside while I read something else.

The book centers around a woman named Dani/Darian who has a stalker from her high school years well into her adult life.  The man kills anyone who he thinks gets in the way of their one-sided relationship.

Darian becomes a clinical psychologist yet makes such stupid decisions that it is no wonder people die.  However, that is the way the author made the character so my irritation with Darian felt manipulated by the author.

The book is well written and I did enjoy it for the most part.  I was disgusted with myself for picking the wrong killer because I forgot an age-old plot twist that was very common in the 80’s.  I do have to agree with one critic, though, who said the ending was way too quick and without any real oomph.  The climax took less than two pages.  You almost felt like the author got tired of the book and just ended it swiftly without thought for the reader.  Here there is all this buildup throughout the book to have it over in less than two pages.

Still, I do enjoy Amanda Stevens – her Graveyard Queen series was my favorite series until she quit writing it.  She said on her blog that there was another one coming out but I have  yet to see evidence of it.  I give this book a B+.  It is worth the read.

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