Last Seen Alive review


Goodreads: Chyna Greer was sixteen when her best friend, Zoey, disappeared. Though very different in looks and temperament, the two girls shared a bond that was stronger than blood. But even Chyna’s urgent warnings couldn’t prevent a love-struck Zoey from sneaking out to the lake to meet her secret crush–and being swallowed up into the warm summer night forever….

Now Chyna has come back to her West Virginia hometown of Black Willow to lay her mother to rest. But memories of Zoey are everywhere…and then, out of nowhere, Chyna hears a voice–Zoey’s voice–begging for her help. As Chyna delves into Black Willow’s past, she learns that two other teenagers also went missing. Soon Chyna’s search for answers becomes a desperate race to uncover a chilling secret that strikes at the heart of everything she holds dear–and reveal the remorseless evil that has been hiding in plain sight….

This book I read today while at work.  Yes, sometimes it is quite nice to have a job that pays me to do whatever I want as long as I stay in my booth.  I was hoping I’d be busy enough at work to not get the whole book read today – I don’t know what I will do for 7 hours tomorrow now but suppose I will pick another book.

This one has been on my list for quite a while and it finally came up on top when I sorted my books on my Nook.  I was afraid the book would be too easy to figure out and that I’d be disappointed in it.  OK, I was a little disappointed because the killer was, to me, obvious from the get go.  However, the book is interesting with action that keeps moving along at a decent clip.

Someone said in a review about the parents were young (52) but yet seemed ancient and I would have to agree with that.  I was surprised how young they were in age – I will be 52 on Sunday – yet in the story I pictured them more my grandmother’s age at her death – 85.

The author does try to throw in some red herrings to confuse the reader on who the killer might be so I could see how it left some people guessing – I’ve read so many like this and just finished one last month with the same sort of plot so this one didn’t surprise me.  I was hoping it wasn’t going to be like the other but oh well, the story was still entertaining and I do recommend the author.  I am sure I will be reading more of hers – I don’t remember why I bought this one, it was so long ago – but I’m not disappointed in the purchase.

I give the book an A. 🙂

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