Joni and Ken review


This book is about an amazing love story that most of society would have deemed improbable.  Who would marry a quadriplegic? If someone did marry her, surely it was for the fame and money associated with Joni Eareckson.  Well, anyone who had such thoughts would be wrong.

This story is about a love that goes beyond anything I have ever read.  It was amazing and is an amazing love they have not only for each other but for God as well.  Their marriage has been through the fires of hell itself, yet they have come out as great role models for the rest of us.

No, I’m not married but I have benefited from this story anyway.  Who could read a Harlequin romance and think that life would be more wonderful with a man or woman like that after reading this?

I give the book an A.  They are an amazing couple who have been married over 30 years.  I hope they have many more together.


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