In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead review


Goodreads: The image of the dead girl’s body lingered in detective Dave Robicheaux’s mind as he drove home. After seeing the young victim’s corpse, the last thing he needed to come across was a drunk driver. But when he saw the Cadillac fishtail across the road, Robicheaux knew the driver was in trouble. What Dave didn’t realize, was that by pulling the car over, he was opening his murder case wider than he could ever imagine.

 The driver, Elrod Sykes, in New Iberia to star in a movie, leads Dave to the skeletal remains of a black man that had washed up in the Atchafalaya swamp. So begins a mystery that takes Dave back to an unsolved murder — a murder that he witnessed in 1957. Haunted by the past as he confronts the gruesome present – day rape and murder of young prostitutes, Robicheaux must also contend with a new partner from the F.B.I., and the local criminal gentry. But for Dave, the answers he seeks lie somewhere in the bayou mist with the ghosts of soldiers long since forgotten…

Wow, what a great book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – as always, it was even better than the movie.  I must commend the movie though – it followed the books backbone pretty decently and Tommy Lee Jones was the perfect actor for it.

Again the language in the book is so thick with southern charm that I could see the moss dripping from the trees.  It has the feel of times gone by yet was modern day. I loved his descriptions as well:  “outside the sky was filling with afternoon rainclouds that had the bright sheen of steam” – that is a poor example but you need to read it to appreciate the wonderful writing.

I liked the ghosts as well – the General appeared enough to get Dave’s attention but not enough for the reader to get tired of the apparitions.  You know, I’m sure the rest of the series is good but this is the one I wanted to read after seeing the movie.  Hope they make more into movies but I don’t suppose they will.

The book is amazing – if I could write like this, I would never do anything else.  Just awesome.  I give the book an A+.


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