Dead Calm review


Goodreads: Detective Dylan Scott thinks cruising well above the Arctic Circle in November is nothing short of madness. He has zero interest in seeing the elusive aurora borealis, but agrees to the Norwegian holiday to keep his wife and mother happy. At least the biggest problem he’ll have to deal with is boredom. But that boredom quickly dissipates when the unpleasant elderly woman in the neighboring cabin is found dead.

Everyone thinks Hanna Larsen had a heart attack. Everyone except Dylan. Dylan is convinced there’s a killer aboard the Midnight Sun–a killer who may strike again…

This was my first Shirley Wells book even though it is the fourth in the series. Her opening was provocative which made me want to dive right in.  I have to admit, I kind of had it figured out before the ending because I thought the one person was too obvious but why not the other?

Descriptions of the various ports-of-call the cruise made and the Norwegian coastline had enough detail that I could picture it but not so much that I got bored.  Dylan Scott seemed like a typical man to me – skipping out when there is dancing and socializing to be done and rather single-minded in his pursuit for answers.  I liked the passenger Ruby – love spirited older women.

I started it at work and found myself returning to it every chance I could get until I finished it five minutes before I got off work.  It is a quick read – Goodreads says only 35,000 words – my edition is 270 pages so I would expect it to be longer but whatever.

Have to say I was impressed by this easy, engaging read which means I shall be reading more in the series in the future.  I give the book an A.  Give it a glance if you get the chance.


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