Death of an Outsider


Goodreads: Dreary Cnothan’s most hated man is dumped into a tank filled with lobsters then eaten in Britain’s best restaurants. Exiled there with his dog Towser, Hamish Macbeth misses his beloved Highland village Lochdubh, Priscilla, and easy lazy days. His superiors want the business hushed up, a dark-haired lass wants his body, and a killer is out for more blood.

Yes, another Hamish Macbeth story.  I needed to do something after that last disappointing story.  Hamish does not disappoint as he goes off to a new city to relieve the police sergeant there who is going off on three month’s vacation.

Hamish isn’t thrilled with the new digs – like most men, he despise change and the people of Cnothan aren’t the friendliest group.  However, when the murder gets going, the town is thrilled to have his services because Blair once again proves to be a bit priggish.

Liked the story and thought it trotted along at a good pace.  Had a feeling who the killer was but it wasn’t confirmed until the very end.  Hamish is thrilled to death when his three months are up and he can go back home to his beloved Lochdubh.

This will be the last of Hamish I read for a week or two – I don’t want to tire of him when there are still so many books left in the series.  Fun and a quick read, I give the book a b+ because it isn’t quite as long as the others and I missed the 30+ pages.  🙂


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