Death of a Prankster review


Goodreads: When Police Constable Hamish Macbeth is called to a murder at Arrat House, home of relentless practical joker Arthur Trent, he doesn’t exactly race to the scene. Prepared for a prank, Hamish arrives to find that Trent is most decidedly dead — stabbed and stuffed in a closet. And for suspects, there’s a houseful of greedy relations, all more interested in the will than the crime at hand.

Well, I am not going to apologize for reading another Hamish Macbeth murder mystery.  If Amanda Stevens would ever get the next Graveyard Queen book on the shelves, I’d have something else to look forward to but as it is, Hamish is left to entertain me.

The next one is Death of A Greedy Woman – which used to be called “Death of a Glutton” but apparently the title was changed for whatever reason.  I won’t be able to do any reading for the next two days though do to working very long hours.

So what did dear Hamish find to do in this latest murder? Arthur Trent is murdered in his home and Hamish is left to figure out the whodunit.  I would like to say it was very easy to pick out the murderer but alas, I can’t say that this time around.  Yes, I figured it out but it was later in the book than normal for me.

Hamish is his usual comfortable self dealing with the dilemma of whether he wants to let Blair take all the credit for solving the case or wants to establish a name for himself.  Of course, taking credit means being promoted which is something he does not want.

Well written and lots of fun, I enjoyed the story.  It is time for a break from poor Hamish though because it is starting to blur together.  Going to have to see what else I can dig up in my meager library of 1100+ books.  I give the story an A.


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