Death of a Traveling Man


Goodreads: Sergeant Hamish Macbeth finds Sean Gourlay too handsome. The agent of evil pretends to be gypsy traveller with gutter-mouth Cheryl, disrupts Lochdubh village. The doctor is missing drugs. The Ladies’ Club is missing money. Spinsters Nessie and Jessie want to move. Did one of the ladies kill Sean? 

Hmmm…I wonder if the Chicago Sun-Times actually read any of the other books in the series? I would bet not.  Why? Because while this story is interesting, it is not the best in the series.

It did, however, break a mold that seemed to dog the other stories in that there was no weak female throwing herself at Hamish – much to my relief.  There were some good, solid characters in this plot and it kind of reminded me of Stephen King’s Needful Things which I thought was an excellent book.

Yes, I did have it figured out pretty early on but I don’t read these because I’m looking to be stumped.  These are easy-going, quick reads that entertain me.  If I was looking for something more hard core murder mystery, I’d read an Alex Kava, Dean Koontz or John Sanford book that takes two or three days to get through and has so many plot twists that I can’t begin to remember every character.

Beaton does a good job making the gypsy traveler a ghoulishly evil man who gives a person that uneasy feeling the moment they meet him.  I didn’t care for Cheryl’s character but I wasn’t meant to.  Would love to see this picturesque town, it sounds beautiful yet unfriendly weather wise.

I like where the series is heading and look forward to reading the next book – Death of a Charming Man – probably tomorrow.  I give this one an A.


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