Death of a Charming Man review

Death of a Charming Man (Hamish Macbeth, #10)

Goodreads: Hamish Macbeth’s unofficial engagement to the stunning Priscilla Halburton-Smythe is reminding the constable of the old adage about answered prayers. His lovely fiancee has replaced his cozy wood stove with a modern electric one and is busy trying to “make a man of him.” The only man Hamish wants to be is the one who slouches about the village, gossiping, fishing, and deftly solving a crime or two.

Deciding that this may be a good time for a little retreat, Hamish ambles over to the nearby backwater of Drim – ostensibly to check out a posh English chap who’s causing a most unusual problem. Single, wealthy, and terribly attractive, newcomer Peter Hynd has thrown the middle-aged matrons of Drim into a flutter, and put their men, dour Highlanders whose feelings run deep, on a slow burn.

Hamish’s instincts tell him this seemingly charming young man likes to stir up trouble, and it’s not long before the seething emotions transform the sleepy village into a hotbed of threats, domestic rows, and violent murder. With Hamish’s own relationship raising doubts about hearts and flowers, he’s more than ready to do what he now must – investigate the darker side of love . . .  

Well, OK, I can say this has been my least favorite Hamish book yet.  It seemed to drag and had Hamish running around so much that this reader was getting a trifle bit of a headache.  I wasn’t impressed by the plot either – I dunno, felt like the author kind of rushed through this one.

However, I do like Hamish and felt that his character was true to form and while I found the child, Heather, a bit creepy, I did like her as well.  I’m afraid Priscilla made it back to my not overly likeable list and if Hamish ends up marrying her in future books, I will be disappointed.

The book moves along and is well worth the read.  I give it a B+ though for giving me the headache.  🙂


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