Death of a Nag review


Goodreads: After his engagement is broken, Constable Hamish Macbeth is looking forward to rest and relaxation in the coastal town of Skay. But when he arrives at the somewhat dismal bed and breakfast, his fellow guests include the annoying Miss Gunnery, a London family, and Bob Harris, who so nags his wife that everyone wants to kill him. And then someone does. 

Ah, Hamish is back and the plot is perfect.  Who killed the nagging Bob Harris who has nothing good to say to anyone? I must admit, I knew the answer but could not figure out the motive till the end when Hamish revealed it.  The story moves along at a fairly good clip.

I can’t say I was brokenhearted about his engagement being broken – I know there has to be a better female character for him.  There are sad moments in the story as well that upset me and had me wondering exactly why the author put them in there.  Did they really lend anything to the story? Maybe, but I don’t like tear jerkers.

Wonderful descriptions – that bed and breakfast was totally disgusting.  I really am going to take a break from Hamish now for a bit – I know I keep saying that and I do have the next two books on my Nook – but I need to switch gears for a bit.  Maybe I will read a biography or something.

I give this book in the series an A – it would have gotten an A+ if not for the sad scenes.  🙂



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