Death of a Dentist review

402679 Goodreads: A blinding toothache sends Hamish Macbeth 120 miles out of Lochdubh to the dentist Frederick Gilchrist, only to find him dead. Since everyone is pleased the dentist is deceased–patients, several harassed women, and even his wife–Macbeth faces one of the more biting challenges of his career.  I know what you are thinking – another Hamish Macbeth on the same day? Well, yes, thank you very much, don’t mind if I do. This seemed more of a Hamish Macbeth story than the last one. I don’t know what was wrong with Death of a Macho Man but it really didn’t live up to the series in so many ways.  Between Hamish and Priscilla’s childish tantrums which never does anything but drive them apart, and the police ineptness made that one harder to get through.  There isn’t any of that in this one. Hamish does seem to be laxing a bit in his duties as the local constable – even to the point that he lets some serious infractions of the law slide when maybe he should not have.  I think the character needs a new dog.  I’m stilled miffed at the author for killing off his dog a few stories back. The murderer is not evident at first but comes to light about halfway in though Hamish doesn’t find it out till the very end.  It is hard to fault him, though, with his terrible toothache and reputation for chasing skirts.  The poor man barely finds time to sleep.  🙂 Have to say, the storms and weather in this made me cold.  It made me appreciate sunny Florida, for sure.  I give the book an A.


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